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Affordable Monthly fee 

( Training Once, Twice, and three times a week ) 

Monthly Soccer Program:

Our program is designed to run for the entire year where players will learn the right techniques and develop the right skills to play soccer. Our coaches will provide an introductory foundation for first time players, and subsequently an intermediate level training to enhance skills. During our program, players will recieve a monthly progress report.

Once players have learned the basic foundation and demonstrated mastering intermediate level skills, players will learn more advanced skils.

Our classes are designed to train players who want to play recreational and also be part of competitive teams.  


 “Mastery Ball” 

This training is oriented to give the necessary skills to everyone who wants to play soccer. Some of its content will involve techniques to teach the basic movements to control the ball and techniques to beat opponents.  At the end of the training, a 1 vs 1, and 2 vs 2 practice will allow the players to apply the skills learned. 

 “Beginner  training”  

In the beginner individualized training, we will apply the concept of “ball touches” used by the German federation of soccer, which believes that players 5 years of age should have  at least 1500 touches of the ball every practice. 


Increased Dexterity Skill sets
Improve foot-eye coordination and footwork through these drills. 

Better Ball Handling
Every coaching session includes ball handling fundamentals.

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion

Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine. We know that.

Correct Footwork Application
We'll help your player apply proper footwork to his/her complete game. 

Improved Decision Making Abilities

Brain teasers and strategy are a part of any game, including soccer. 

​​ONE-TO-ONE Individualized Skills training


With years of  experience playing and learning, Coach Navarro applies    

Knowledgeto his one-to-one sessions.

Each Lesson includes:

  • Fundamental training 
  • Position-specific strategy
  • Focus on teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Ball handling drills 
  • Personal mentoring based on Player`s stated goals