Dr. Phillips Soccer Club Scholarship Assistance Program

Dr. Phillips Soccer Club mission is to provide our youth a well-diversified program for all children to enjoy. The Club understands that some players are unable to participate in soccer programs due to cost. As a non-profit organization, the club uses donations to provide financial assistance to those in need.   

Who is eligible for Scholarship Assistance?

The program is available to boys and girls of all ages that are Dr. Phillips Soccer Club players. Only one player per family will receive a scholarship.

This Financial assistance is available on a limited basis for those who complete the application and submit the required documentation proving the need for assistance.

How do I apply?

Any family requesting financial assistance must submit an application to the Dr. Phillips Scholarship Committee.   To submit an application:

–  Click here to access the Scholarship Application through our online form.

– Email the application to dr.phillipssoccerclub@gmail.com.  

Applications must be submitted yearly without regard to whether or not a player received prior Scholarship Assistance.

What does the Scholarship assist me and my family with?

Those applying for assistance will receive financial assistance for the following:

Monthly training fees.

 Scholarship Assistance will NOT be provided for expenses related to travel, lodging, or food while attending games or tournaments.

The Scholarship Assistance Program will be based on financial need as determined from the relevant information provided with the application.

NOTE: Scholarship recipients are required to participate in all activities of the team: practice, tournament, and games. In addition, they will be required to participate in any club and/or team fundraisers during the season. Lastly, the recipient must remain in good financial standing with the Club and their team. Coaches will make sure to keep track of player participation in all required activities.

Who administers the Scholarship Assistance Program?

The Scholarship Committee shall consist of members of the Board and shall be chaired by the Vice-President.

Responsibilities of the Committee include:

– Keep applications and discussions by this committee confidential
– Review applications
– Make final approval of all applications
– Provide written notification of approval or non-approval after the application’s review.